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Escape From Prison College

Feisall, Kelevra, Laura & Minou in “Escape From Prison College”
20 minutes 12 seconds – 1920×1080 pixels – WMV: 730.9 MB ; MP4: 716.7 MB


Laura and Minou are student in a prison college, where girls coming from rich families that did some misdemeanor and were sent in such school instead of prison. here strict discipline is enforced and corporal punishment is not uncommon. The girl are not allowed to see males and are severy punished if caught in the act. Minou who still is in contact with her boyfriend, a criminal, and is planning to escape from the college with his help, has been caught trying to communicate with him. Kelevra who’s is both the president of student council and secretary of the headmistress enjoys humiliating other students during the punishment. She hates Minou in particular. So she tries to make her confess her rule violation. Not happy to have Minou kneeling and tied up she put a muzzles on her. First then removes her socks and tickles her sadistically. Minou’s torment is interrupted by the intervention of her friend Laura. She puts a cloth on Kelevra’s mouth and nose making her lost her senses. Laura unties Minou and tells her that she has corrupted some janitors to help her to escape through the gym room. Minou accepts to escape with Laura but unfortunately for them they find the door closed. Kelevra and Feisall, the headmistress, catch them. Soon the two college girls are bound with rope and cleave gagged. Feisall tells them that she has called the police that will put them in prison where they should stay, but before that moment they want to have some fun. First Kelevra tickles Laura and Minou, then Feisall steps in and whips and slaps their bottoms and things. After some minutes of torture the girls almost breathless are left alone. They try to untie themselves but can’t undo the knots. So they decide to roll on the ground trying to find something that could cut the ropes. After few meters, Feisall and Kelevra are back and look intentioned to torture them again. But when everything seems lost for the two college girls, Minou’s boyfriend finally shows up and the tables are turned on the headmistress and her secretary. Feisall and Kelevra end taped up on the sofa They threaten to punish severely Minou and Laura but they are soon silenced by few strips of tape and later are gagged with Vet Wrap. Their rage and frustration is evident but the tape is tight and no escape is possible. Minou and Laura can finally escape leaving them to struggle. Dialogue In Italian

 Price 9.99$

Don’t Cross Layla’s Path

Queeny & Layla
18 minutes 20 seconds – 1920×1080 pixels – WMV: 664.6 MB;  MP4: 653.9 MB


Detective Queeny after a phone talk has just accepted the the mission to investigate on criminal Layla’s last deed. She’s has a meeting next morning in the agency. She’s sure that she’ll arrest Layla but to be in full shape for the next day she goes to sleep. But her dreams of glory are soon interrupted by a cold hand pressing on her mouth. It’s Layla. Soon we find our detective in her nightgown trussed up on bed. Layla mocks her and tells her that it’s better for her if she does not get involved in Layla’s business and doesn’t go to the meeting tomorrow. Queeny enraged by her humiliation threaten the thief but is soon silenced with tape. Layla leaves her and Queeny reflects on what to do. Ropes wrap her tightly but she could still try to reach her phone on the consolle. Layla has not noticed it and Queeny could grab it. After rolling around the room and thanks to her long legs the detective is able to grab the phone and can call for help. Unfortunately Layla arrives in time to stop her call and with a cloth soaked with chemicals pressed on her mouth and nose, send her to dreamland.

The awakening is rough. This time Queeny dressed only with bra and panties is tightly tied to a chair. To make things worse Layla now tells her that she’s going to take some photos of her in her embarassing predicament. She’ll send her to people who hired her and to press ruining her detective’s reputation. She adds sarcastically that she should be thankful to her that she may find a new job as bondage model. Queeny screams desperately against Layla but is gagged again, this time she has mouth stuffed with a cloth and has vet wrap wrapped around head. Left alone again Queeny tries to free herself but can’t make any progress. After some minutes Layla comes back and once again presses a cloth on her mouth sending her to sleep. Hase Queeny brilliant career of detective  ended here in shame or will she be able to pay back the dangerous Lady Layla?

(Dialogue in Italian)

Price 8.99$

Internal Affair

Rachel Adams
27 minutes 55 seconds – 1920×1080 pixels – WMV: 1,296.1 MB; MP4: 1,282.2 MB

Rachel Adams is an Internal Affairs investigator  Looking into police misconduct in the department. Dave is one of the cops involved and he has been warned that Rachel is investigating him. On her way home from the station, Dave pulls Rachel over and asks to see her license and registration. Rachel objects, saying there is no reason to have pulled her over, and that this will be going on her report. Dave makes her get out of the car, telling her she is under arrest. When Rachel demands to know why, she is told that it’s because she failed to obey instructions from a police office. Rachel complains that this is completely bogus and that she will have his badge for this. Rachel is told to put her hands on the roof of the, then she handcuffed. Rachel says that when they reach the station she will have this all sorted out and Dave will be suspended from duty. She little realizes that he is taking her to a remote house where he knows the owners are away for the winter. When she sees where she is being taken, Rachel starts to object vehemently, demanding that she be allowed to make a phone call but she’s secured with seat-belts in the back seat. Yet despite being secures she maintains a mouthy attitude, forcing the agent to cleave gag her. Once inside the house, the cop cuffs Rachel’s ankles and uses a chain connects her wrists and ankles. While Rachel mmphs and struggles on the floor, the guy retrieves the iPad from her car. The iPad is password protected, and, pulling off Rachel’s gag, Dave demands that she tell him the code to unlock it. But obviously Rachel doesn’t comply.
In the next scene the corrupt Agent ties her to a chair using rope and using a sort of serum to submit her will. Finally, Rachel cracks and gives up the passcode. Dave gags her with tape and prepares a device that will blow her up. She mmphs something unintelligible,  prompting the Cop to wrap some white cloth over her tape gag. Then he leaves her. To struggle for her life. She has few minutes to escape before being cancelled.
(Project  in collaboration with “Beauties in Bondage” studio. Dialogue in English).

Price: $9.99

Intern in Jeopardy

Vanessa & Layla
16 minutes 41 seconds – 1920×1080 pixels – MP4: 1,059.1 MB – Dialogue in English

A masked guy searches for valuable in the studio of the lawyer Layla. He  doing his searches in the rumpus room when he’s interrupted by sounds coming from upstairs. Someone is descending. He hides himself in the bathroom, hoping that the person leaves the room soon. That’s not going to happen.

Intern Vanessa, a Swedish girl who started doing apprenticeship in Layla studio a few days earlier enters the room with her laptop to continue her work for the lawyer in a warmer place than her office upstairs.  She’s suffering from a cold a brings a sweater and scarf to protect her neck. Not having any other choice, the burglar has to subdue her so that he can make his escape. He creeps up behind the working girl with a cloth in his hand, a cloth soaked in chemicals that will place Vanessa in a deep sleep. He surprises the unwary girl from behind, pressing the cloth firmly over her nose and mouth. Vanessa fights against the chemical for some seconds, struggling to break free, but her struggles subside as she inhales, and then her world goes dark. The burglar places her on the sofa and finds some clothesline and pantyhose to tie up the sleeping girl.  He gags her with the knotted pantyhose.

Later, Vanessa recovers her senses and starts moaning, terrorized when she realizes she has been bound and gagged. The burglar returns as she starts to make a noise, adding an OTM gag using the girl’s own scarf, then finally leaves her to struggle. The Swedish girl doesn’t know what to do in this situation. Then she notices a phone in a sideboard cupboard and tries to reach it. She rolls herself off the sofa and scoots along the floor, getting the cupboard door open and retrieving the phone. The only number that she knows is her boss’s so she keys it in and then waits, hoping Layla will come to rescue her.

Finally, Layla shows up and finds the tied up girl. Unfortunately for both of them, the burglar was waiting not far away. When he sees Layla enter the house, he returns and captures the older woman as well, so all that Vanessa got is that her boss joins her in bondage.  Layla is much more mouthy than Vanessa and insults the intruder. This earns her a rough gagging with vet wrap. The same gag is then used on Vanessa too, now secured in a hogtie on the floor in front of the sofa. Vanessa has been retied with a different rope to make her even more uncomfortable than before, while Layla is tied up with clothesline. The two women are left to struggle, trying to help each other escape. Will they succeed?

Price 8.99$


The Human Traffickers

Sonya Durganova & Layla
16 minutes 15 seconds – MP4: 1920×1080 pixels; 4.7 Mbps bitrate – MP4: 578.1 MB

Sonya who works for  an International Cooperation Company has discovered that is a cover up of human trafficking, especially beautiful slaves from east countries. We see her trying to call for help when a hand presses on her mouth. The boss sent a henceman to neutralize her. We see her going in a hidden room of the building where she meets Layla the boss of the company. The icy woman tells her henceman to tie up the snoopy girl and put her under surveillance. Sonya is tied with rope and left on the Sofa. She struggles furiously but can’t escape. Later Layla reveal her plan for her. She’s deleted all the vidence of her presence in the company and plans to sell herself to the market. First she takes her photo of herself, then she orders her to strip to bra and panties. Sonya reluctantly complies under the threat of Layla’s minion who is armed. Then Layla personally starts tying her very tightly sealing her arms together at the elbows.

Later we see Sonya hogtied on table and ball gagged. Ropes bind her at shoulder, arms, legs and ankles and her big toes are uncomfortably tied together. She mmphs for the pain and the outrage while Layla’s minion take some photos of her. The ordeal of the girl finally ends when Layla put a cloth soaked with chemicals over her mouth and put her to sleep.  The bid has been made for her and the delivery will follow soon.

Dialogue in English

Price 8.99$

VIP Protection Failure

Kelevra, Vicky & Feisall
21 minutes 19 seconds – MP4: 1920×1080 pixels; WMV: 1280×720 pixels

Kelevra works for an agency which have the task of protecting VIPs. In this case she should guard the shoulders of Vicky, a famous actress who’s preparing for her new movie. Kelevra when applied for the job expected that VIP protection would have been a much more exciting task than what it revealed to be. That what she said on phone while she was having a phone conversation outside a resort. Her desire of an adventure was immediately satisfied when Feisall, the female gangster forced her to enter in the resort and then put her to sleep with a cloth soaked with chemicals pressed on her mouth. Later Vicky, was attracted outside the dressing room, captured and put to sleep in the same way. The two women wake up tied up on the sofa. Their hands are cuffed behind and their feet are bound with zipties. Tape gag seal their mouths. They try to scream but to little use. Later, Feisall and an accomplice force Vicky to walk outside and put her in the trunk of their car for a drive to a remote location.

Kelevra, left alone tries to find a way to uncuff herself. She finds first a pair of scissors to cut her zip and then finds in a shelf a passpartout that to uncuff herself. On the ground she also find a card fallen from one of the gangster’s pocket indicated a location where Vicky could have been carried. Feeling guilty for having let her protect to be snatched, and being worried by the perspective of reporting her failure to the agency, Kelevra goes to investigate herself. In the meantime Vicky is carried in a bedroom where she’s hogtied on the bed. The tape gag is replaced first with a cleave and then with an OTM done with scarves. She’s bound so solidly that there’s no way for her to escape. She moans in the vain hope that a rescue appears.

Kelevra in the meantime has found the location. She finds only Feisall inside it. The bodyguard is now armed and is easy for her to capture the gangster, forcing her to lead it to the room in which Vicky is held prisoner. But the victory is only temporary… in another twist of the plot Kelevra is overcome and joins Vicky in her predicament. In the final scene we find Vicky and Kelevra now stripped to bra and panties, hogtied with rope and gagged with Ball Gag. Their captors mock them for a while and then leave them to struggle. They try to escape from predicament but apparently their captors did a very good job with ropes. Debut clip for Vicky.

Dialogue in Italian

Price 9.99$

Tables Turned On Sexy Burglars

Liz Rainbow, Nala, Clementine & Minou
20 minutes 36 seconds – 1280×720 pixels – WMV: 592.0 MB

Liz Rainbow and Nala are two Spanish burglars that use as den an apparently abandoned flat in the center of the city. They realize that a couple of tourists, Clementine and Minou has rented it Taking chance of the circumstances that offered them two unsuspecting victim, the two burglars capture one girl after another. When Minou went to the bathroom Liz and Nala overpowered Clem and despite her brave fight managed to put her to sleep pressing a cloth on her mouth. Capturing the sweet and weak Minou is much easier and soon we see the two poor victims hogtied with zip ties. Tape gags seal their mouth so that all that they can do is mmphing while the two triumphant burglars share their items and tease them. After a while Liz and Nale leave them alone while they go robbing other flats. They rightfully think that the two prisoner would never escape from zip ties. But they didn’t calculate that they didn’t go alone. Clementine’s brother who has rented the flat with them enters in the flat and immediately frees the two girls.

Minou would just escape and warn the police but the tougher Clementine wants to pay back the robbers in person and her brother agrees with her. So while Minou goes to warn police the other two prepare an ambush when Liz and Nala comes back. Soon the two burglars are overpowered and captured. A muscular man and an angry girl are too much for them and in matter of minutes it’s their turn to lay on ground hogtied with rope. Nala has her mouth stuffed with a cloth while another one cleave gags her. Liz is ball gagged. The girls are humiliated, teased and spanked by Clementine and her brother until they apparently leave them alone for some minutes. Thinking that their captors have left the flat Liz and Nala desperately try to wriggle out of bonds, but after some minutes Clementine reappears showing that she was just playing with them and slaps them again. The day has ended very badly for the two sexy burglars that now can’t wait that the police arrive to save them from their former victim. Dialogue in English

Price 10.99$


Revenge Of The Expelled Student MP4

Gabrielle Layla & Maddy

24 minutes 10 seconds – 1920×1080 pixels – MP4


Famous professor and researcher Layla is entering in her studio when she’s grabbed and handgagged from behind. She recognizes the voice. It’s Maddy, one of her former pupils, a brilliant mind who was expelled from her course when she was surprised to copy the work of her teammate. Now she wants revenge on the professor, who didn’t want to hear her justifications. She came to Layla’s studio to steal the professor reserved researches and sell them to the best bidder. That would ruin the  fruits of the research Layla has been working for years. Maddy is able to tie up  Layla but can’t force her to reveal where she has hidden her personal PC with the documents. So she goes to search it herself after having gagged the mouthy woman and left her tied on a sofa. Layla, is a very energetic and feisty woman. She works on her bonds trying to escape. Before she can succeed her current pupil, Gabrielle, arrives in the studio and finds her. Amazed to see her professor all trussed up Gabrielle ungags her asking what happened, but before Layla can warn her of the peril she’s grabbed from behind by Maddy, happy that she can truss up Layla’s favorite student. Soon the two women are tied up with lots of rope around their bodies and tape gagged.

Left again alone while Maddy is busy with her search, Layla and Gabrielle try to get loose. At first they don’t succeed but, when they decide to cooperate, Gabrielle manages to untie one of the know binding Layla’s hands. The professor gets loose soon and can untie Gabrielle. Gabrielle suggests to escape but Layla tells her that they need to stop Maddy themselves before she escapes with the pc or damages it.

When Maddy comes back having finally found the pc, she’s ambushed by the two angry women. She fights back but can’t prevail in a two vs one  fight and soon she’s tied nice and tight with ropes. Gabrielle seeing the girl at her feet takes a sadistic pleasure in telling her that she’ll be in prison for many years. Maddy is still mouthy and insults the two women despite the tape gag. But that last rebellion just gets her lot of tape wrapped around her head as punishment. The rebellious girl lays now
hogtied on the floor full of  anger and frustration, : Layla and Gabrielle tied her very tight and she has to accept defeat and wait for the police to arrive.

Includes 2 minutes of behind the scenes and outtakes.Dialogue in Italian.


Price 9.99$

Suspicious Agent Gets Overpowered WMV

Gabrielle & Maddy
20 minutes 48 seconds – 1280×720 pixels – WMV: 597.8 MB

Gabrielle has been instructed to check about some suspect movements in a flat, one of the properties of the Mayor of the Town. She rings at the doors and after some seconds a girl open it but not enough to for the cop to enter check what’s going on. The girl claims to be a colf. She’s dressed with a jacket is wearing gloves. She claims that she had just waxed the floor and that she can’t let anyone enter for some minutes. Gabrielle asks her why she’s waxing the floor dressed in this way and forces an entry. Everytingh looks in order but the agent doesn’t fail to notice that the floor wasn’t waxed. The colf is ready to say that she has only waxed the bedroom, but when the agent goes to check she’s immediately surprised from behind. The girl reveals to be really strong. She presses a cloth soaked with  ether against Gabrielle’s mouth. The girl fights but can’t escape from the grip of the false colf and after some seconds of struggle she faints.

When she wakes up she finds herself lying on the bed zip tied hands and feet. She immediately recognizes the girl, now in her standard catsuit uniform. She’s Medusa The Thief, one of the most elusive criminals who perpetrates robberies on commission. Despite her threats and protests the agent is silenced with tape gag and left on the bed while the burglars goes to do her job in the dining room. Gabrielle doesn’t lack of fighting spirit. Not being able to free herself from the zip, she falls from the bed and hops to the bathroom, hoping to find something with whom she can cut herself free. She hopes that the thief is busy enough in the other room that she fails to notice her escape attempt, but she’s not so lucky. She reaches the bathroom but can’t find anything of useful. After some minutes Medusa returns and put her again to sleep closing Gabrielle’s mouth and nose with a cloth.

In the next scene the unlucky agent is tied on chair. Medusa runs more rope above and below Gabrielle’s ample breasts and can’t deny a certain attraction for the young stubborn cop that still challenges her. Medusa stuffs a cloth in her mouth and wraps another one around her head. Then she proposes her to help her in her researches. She doesn’t plan to rob anything from the house but to recover an important piece of paper that the mayor owns and that is of vital importance. Gabrielle obviously doesn’t show any intention to help the thief, so she’s left to struggle. The pain for the young cop  increases with time. Zip around wrists and ankles are very tight and the rope pins her to the chair. This time there’s no way to get out of bonds. After some minutes the Medusa comes back triumphant with the paper in her hands. She kisses Gabrielle  secretly hoping to cross again her path with that stubborn agent and then leaves her to struggle.

(Dialogue in Italian).

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Scent Of Danger WMV

Lorna & Layla 17 minutes 03 seconds – 1280×720 pixels – WMV: 483.4 MB

A mysterious thief has threatened to rob the collection of Raimondo the Lawyer and challenged detective Lorna to stop him. So Lorna has convinced  the collector to let her guard the house during the night in which the robber should hit. The night looks quiet in the rumpus room and Lorna is tempted to read one of the books of the well-stocked library, when she hears a rumor in the nearby basement. She goes to check but when she enters nobody looks inside. SHe still smells a scent that reminds her something. When she goes back to the library, a masked woman presses a cloth soaked with chemicals against her mouth and nose. After an useless resistance Lorna falls on the ground unconscious. When she wakes up she finds herself tightly tied to a chair and tape gagged. The burglar toys with her making fun of her failure. It looks as she knows Lorna for a long time and took a lot of pleasure in challenging her and having her tied and helpless. Lorna still doesn’t remember who she may be although she still smells a familiar scent. When the burglar left she immediately works on her bonds. She frees her feet but before she has freed her other bonds the collector, desperate for having been robbed, finds her. He unties her and Lorna after having somewhat justified her failure, makes him understand that she’s had some clue about who’s the robber.

In the next scene we found Lorna searching something in the house of Lady Layla. Layla is an aristocratic woman with the vice of stealing things. She had retired from activity after being caught many years ago but Lorna thinks that she’s back to business. Only her could have used that sophisticated perfume. After some research she finds in a trunk something that could confirm her suspicion. A burglar equipment that was recently used. She has no time to rejoice for her discovery that she’s clubbed in the head. WHen she wakes up she finds herself tied in a very uncomfortable hogtie on the kitchen table. Lady Layla  makes fun of her again and gags her with a ball gag. She plays a bit with her captive  asking how she should get rid of her or if she just should keep her prisoner for some more time. She looks a precious centerpiece after all. Lorna realizes that she’s in real trouble. If she can’t free herself nobody will help her and it will end very badly for her. Will she be able to untie the ropes binding her and to escape from the clutches of the evil Lady Layla. (Dialogue in Italian).

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The Debt Collector WMV

Debora & Destiny 18 minutes 02 seconds – 1280×720 pixels – 511.5 MB


When Debora comes back home a bad surprise waits her. Destiny, the debt collector for a famous loan sharks gang has found her. Debora is searching Debora’s husband Johnny who disappeared some months ago to avoid to pay the debt. Debora claims that she has separated from Johnny since then and doesn’t know his whereabouts, but Destiny obviously doesn’t buy Debora’s story and informs her that she’s been seen with Johnny recently. The debt collector tells Debora that everything that they have belongs now to the loan company, clothing included. Showing her that she can’t hurt her if she doesn’t obey her orders, she forces her to strip. Debora is horrified at the perspective, but with reluctance strips first to bra and panties and then totally naked. Destiny compliments her for the lingerie, then stuffs Debora panties in her mouth and wraps some tape around her head. To add further outrage, she forces Debora to kneel down, zip ties her hands and feet, takes some pictures of her tied and gagged on the sofa and send them to Johnny, using Debora’s phone. Destiny  hopes that the guy, seeing her wife in jeopardy (and naked), would finally decide to show up.

We see then Debora, temporarily left alone by her captor, struggling and moaning desperately for some minutes despite the evident impossibility of getting out of zip restraints.In the next scene we see Destiny showing her humiliated prisoner to Johnny who in the meantime has finally arrived at home. Johnny doesn’t show particular emotion seeing her treasure naked and restrained, and you would even think that he’s amused. Destiny seeing that he looks very quiet and may have a reasonable attitude about the debt, relaxes her guard for a second and this distraction is fatal to her because the guy disarms her in one second. It’s time for Destiny to be paid back. In the second part of our story she’s first zip tied and tape gagged on the bed, then Debora forces her to strip. Destiny threatens Debora. Her friend will make her and her husband disappear forever but Debora laughs at Destiny’s now idle threats. The debt collector is now  obliged to remove her clothes and is then hogtied with rope and ball gagged.  Debora tells her that she’ll wait for the police in that humiliating condition. What goes around comes around. (Includes some Behind the scene material. Dialogue in Italian).

Price: $ 8.99

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The Break In

Danielle, Flea, Layla & Minou
18 minutes 56 seconds – 1280×720 pixels – 538.4 MB in size

The fundraising association is having a meeting. The administrator Layla is telling her staff  (Flea, Minou) that things are going well and the sum collected is already significant, but there’s still some work to do reach the goal. They are still talking in the rumpus room, when two masked guys enter and threaten the three employees. They force them to stand against the wall. They soon have their hands zipped behind and are obliged to sit on the sofa. More zips bind  their ankles and tape gags are applied to their mouths. The two guys share tasks. One would guard the outside, the other will look for the booty. The three women struggle on sofa. Layla tries to get a pair of scissors but her attempt is noticed and blocked by the bad guy. But unexpectedly the rescue arrives. Another employee, Danielle, who wasn’t captured with her colleague during the break in because she was in the bathroom, manages to surprise and knock down the burglar looking for the booty. The other women scream like crazy hurrying her to cut the zip binding them. Danielle finally free them and lead them to escape through the garage, but this proves to be the wrong decision because the women came across the other burglar who was patrolling the area.

In the next scene we find the women thoroughly tied with rope to chairs in the rumpus room. The burglars gag them with knotted cleaves and leave them to struggle. Some minutes later they came with the bag full of valuables and thanks them sarcastically  for the excellent fundraising and promise to participate also the next year. The women scream of rage through the gags but can’t do anything to stop the criminals and just try to work on their bonds once the baddies are gone.

A little behind the scene moment in the final minute.

Dialogue in Italian.

Price: $10.99

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Hard Day for Agent Kelevra

Kelevra & Jessica
20 minutes 14 seconds – 1280×720 pixels – 561.6 MB

The first mission for the rookie agent Kelevra looked quite simple. She had to escort Jessica – a former criminal gang member who decided to collaborate with police – to a secure location where her former accomplices couldn’t find her. Kelevra has to take Jessica to her house to collect some of her personal effects before moving to the next location.
When the clip starts Jessica and Kelevra has just entered in the house. Jessica, who has her hands bound with zip ties, asks Kelevra if she can go to the bathroom. Kelevra allows her to do so but does not unzip her hands lest she plays some trick. Once in the bathroom Jessica tries to get something to cut zip ties and she finds a pair of scissors. Cutting the zip ties is an easy task for our veteran criminal. Once free, Jessica grabs a towel planning to use it against the agent. Kelevra in the meantime starts wondering what Jessica is doing in the bathroom and opens the door. Jessica takes her chance and throws the towel over Kelevra’s head, then pulls it tight around her neck until she faints. Not finding rope or any other means to tie up the agent, Jessica cuts some strips from a bed sheet and uses them to tie up Kelevra’s wrists and ankles. Another strip of bed sheet is used to cleave gag the agent. Once Jessica has finished tying Kelevra she follows her plan. Before being captured she had hidden part of the booty of the gang in the garden. Now she goes to recover it put it the car and escape beyond the border. So she grabs the keys from the agent’s pocket and goes out to recover the booty.
After some minutes Kelevra wakes up and realizes that she’s immobilized and silenced. The way Jessica played with her made our rookie agent sigh in frustration. After some minutes of moans and screams Kelevra finds some spirit and tries to find some tools to untie herself.  She opens a drawer and starts searching in it when a masked man chloroforms her. For the second time in few minutes our unlucky rookie is plunged into insensibility. A few minutes later, Jessica finds she can’t start the car’s engine with the keys that she’s found in Kelevra’s jacket. She has to waste time searching for the right key, but before she finds the right one, the masked man applies a cloth to her nose and mouth too and she sinks into darkness with Kelevra.
Later the two women wake for find themselves totally immobilized. The man has not spared rope to bind them (wrists, legs, ankles and chest harness). The guy is one of Jessica’s former accomplices and wants to recover the booty that she has hidden. Upon being threatened, Jessica confesses where the valuables can be found. She and Kelevra are then tape gagged and left alone for some minutes. They struggle but can’t get out of their bonds. The masked criminal comes back, happy that he has found what he was looking for. As a last reward he sets a gas trap for the two women opening the gas hob, and then he leaves. Jessica and Kelevra struggle frantically, each trying to help the other untie the knots holding them. Will they free each other before the room fills with gas? (This clip is a custom request and was acted in the English language. It’s also the debuting clip of Kelevra).

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