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Tables Turned on Detective Ammalia – Starring Ammalia (wmv 720×480)

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Young and ambitious Italian police Detective Ammalia knows where Tony, her target,  lives. A petty criminal that she’s already arrested him in the past, he has recently joined a bigger gang to improve his living. Ammalia not only intends to arrest him again, but also to make him betray the other members of the gang. She knocks on Tony’s door and when he opens it she’s ready to burst in his flat and cuff him on the bed. She tells him that if he will give evidence against the gang, she will set him free; if not, she says she has enough evidence on him to send him back to jail.  Tony seems ready to collaborate and tells her to go to the kitchen where she will find all the evidence she needs. Ammalia leaves Tony handcuffed to the bed, unaware that he has a hairpin in his bedside cabinet drawer. He unlocks the cuff and gets ready to ambush the overconfident  detective. When Ammalia returns from the kitchen she is immediately disarmed and overpowered, much to her dismay.
We soon find Ammalia sitting on a matress, her hands and feet already tied and Tony busy looping more thick rope around her chest, trussing her up like an oven-ready turkey.  She threatens him, warning that her colleagues are already looking for her and that he’ll spend the rest of his life in prison for taking a police detective hostage. However, Tony is aware that Ammalia is used to working alone to get all the glory for herself and that no one knows of her whereabouts.  Her insults just get her gagged – a cloth is stuffed into her mouth and is sealed with white sticky microfoam tape. Tony then finishes his work with a hogtie, effectively immobilizing the hapless detective. Ammalia is now left alone to struggle until Tony returns with the gang boss to decide what to do with her. (The clip is acted in Italian).
Price: $5.99