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Nosy Reporter Got Her Story (WMV HD) featuring Feisall Time: 21 minutes 09 seconds – 591.2 MB – HD (1280×720 pixels)

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Bold Reporter Feisall is investigating on an illegal waste traffic and has penetrated in a private area where a company covers dangerous waste. She hopes to take some photos unseen but she doesn’t notice a guard behind her. The female keeper orders the reporter to give her the cell phone and at her refusal she shows that she’s armed. Feisall is obliged to comply with the requests and then is forced to kneel down and is zip tied behind the back. At her protests a tape gag is sealed on her lips and her ankles are zip tied as well. She’s left sitting on the dirty ground while the guard phones her superiors about this unwanted visit. Later the guard tells the reporter that she received the order to take her to the “visitor’s” room of the company. She frees Feisall’s legs and forces her to march to the company’s offices. There Feisall is forced to sit on a chair. She still protests that she’s a reporter and will sue them for this treatment but her captor is less than impressed. Feisall is cleave gagged and then roped tightly to the chair. SHe spends many minutes struggling to get free but her efforts are all in vain. She wonders what they have decided to do with her and if she’ll get to see some of the company’s leaders, but after some time, she sees only her tormentor coming back. The guard tells Feisall that she’ll make her more comfortable but actually she ties her prisoner on a matrass, using a lot of rope and putting her in a very tight and uncomfortable hogtie. Left again alone our bold reporter is really worrying that they want to get rid of her. She tries to work on her bonds, but the ropes are so tight that she can’t move a inch of her body and has to wait to know what they decide to do with her. She suspects that she’ll become part of the story that she wanted to reveal. (Dialogue in Italian).

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