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Keep Them Secure (WMV) Hannah & Jasmine 19 minutes – 533.7 MB 1280×720 HD


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Shopgirls Hannah and Jasmine have been captured and tied up in the basement of the shop where they work. They are already tied hand and feet, when one of the captors adds a cleave gag to silence them, just obtaining that they start mmphing and talking through gag. He warns them to behave before leaving. Jasmine yet doesn’t want to stay quiet while the burglars ransack the shop. She tries to hop through the basement door to the car park. She has left a phone in her car and she hope to get it and call for help. Hopping for about 50 meters she finally reaches the car, opens it and finds the phone. But she has no time to call the police that one of the burglar noticing her movements captures her, carries her over his shoulder and brings her back to the basement. Here the girls are tied to chair with much more rope than before . To make sure that they don’t scream and to punish them for their escape attempt, the first burglar stuffs clothes in their mouth and wraps tape around them. Once he’s gone the two girls still don’t give up and try to work on their bonds. After some minutes of efforts they are almost untying a knot holding Jasmine’s hands, but the burglars returns and to stop more escape attempts topples Hanna’s Chair to the ground. The two shopgirls are left again screaming for the frustration. This time apparently her captor has managed to keep them secure! (Dialogue in English).

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Settling An Old Score (WMV) Hannah & Jasmine Time: 23 minutes 06 seconds – 651.9 MB – HD (1280×720 pixels)

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The story begins with Hannah parking her car next to a jeep. Inside the Jeep Jasmine is waiting for her. She handgags Hannah, carries her to the jeep and tapes her hands behind. Hannah begs to be released but she’s immediately tape gagged. Jasmine then blindfolds Hannah with a bandana and drives the jeep off. After some time driving through country road the jeep stops at Jasmine’s house. Still blindfolded Hannah is forced to walk into the house. There Jasmine immobilize Hannah binding her body and legs with more tape, then removes the blindfold and the gag and tells to her victim the reason because she was kidnapped. Jasmine wants money back from Hannah’s daddy, Dave. Dave and Jasmine were partners in illegal activities some years before and they made a lot of money but then Jasmine was arrested by the police while Dave escaped with all the money to make a living in another country. Now Jasmine wants everything back and has kidnapped his daughter to blackmail him. After having forced to phone Dave, Hannah is gagged again and left to struggle alone. After some time, seeing that she can’t get out of her restraints Hanna looks around to see if she can find something with whom she could cut the tape. She’s lucky because she opens a dishwasher and finds a knife. She immediately starts cutting the tape with it. She can’t yet manage to cut it because Jasmine comes back and pulls the knife out of Hannah’s hands. But Jasmine is not not aware that Dave has tracked down the house where Hannah is detained. Taking his chance he comes behind Jasmine while she’s distracted by Hannah escape attempt and knocks her out. Hannah is soon freed from her bonds and takes the pleasure of thoroughly taping her captor. Jasmine once awake is fuming for the rage but, being already restrained can’t stop Hannah from wrapping tape around her head. More tape is added around her chest and legs immobilizing her effectively. Hannah and Dave then come out to dig a grave to bury Jasmine and Dave’s shady past with her. Knowing that she has few minutes to escape a bad end, Jasmine struggles furiously against her bonds, but Hannah has taped her too tight. (Dialogue in English).


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Cadence Lux, Cali Logan and Hannah Perez – Betrayal at the Agency – 17 mins – 555.4 MB – HD (1280×720 pixels)

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Hanna Perez owns a Detective Agency with Cadence Lux. They put under protection Cali Logan who’s taking shelter against her former boss. She’s escaped stealing from him a large sum of money and he’s searching for her everywhere. She thinks she is safe in a remote house where the boss cannot find her, and Hannah is there to guard and reassure her. While they are talking, however, Hannah receives a message by phone. It seems her colleague Cadence has been captured and held hostage in exchange for Cali. Hannah is concerned for her partner’s safety and says they had better do what her captors want.  She zip ties and gags a reluctant Cali who, fuming with indignation at this betrayal, is driven to the rendezvous point. Hannah has concealed a piece in her purse with the intention of getting the drop on Cadence’s captors during the exchange.

Hannah leads the still-bound Cali into a dingy lockup where they see Cali’s ex- boss waiting for them. Cadence is thoroughly taped to a chair and can’t do anything to help the situation. The boss orders Hannah to throw him her purse, guessing that Hannah might have some protection stashed inside. Hannah throws him the purse and the boss doesn’t seem surprised by the contents, a piece and a pair of handcuffs. He throws Hannah the cuffs and orders her to handcuff herself behind the back, threatening to harm Cadence if she doesn’t obey. Hannah reluctantly complies and is immediately tape gagged. Now they are all in trouble. But the worst surprise for Hannah is yet yet come – she watches in surpsise as the crime boss unties Cadence. It quickly becomes evident that Cadence and the boss have joined forces, and that taking her hostage was nothing more than a trick to ger Hannah to deliver Cali to them. Now Cadence is happy to reveal her true colors as she makes Cali reveal where she has hidden the stolen money. After the boss leaves to recover his cash, Cali and Hannah are left at the mercy of Cadence; not content with having betrayed them both, Cadence now takes pleasure of tormenting them. She duct tapes the two girls to a pole, then wraps still more tape around them both before she begins groping them. The two captive girls are at the mercy of someone they trusted, and there seems little hope to escape from a dire destiny when Cadence’s boss returns.

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Agent Hannah – Captured by Traffickers – (Wmv) -18 mins – 538.4 MB – HD (1280×720 pixels)

Agent-Hannah-Captured-by-Traffickers.wmv_snapshot_03.00_[2015.07.23_19.16.38] Agent-Hannah-Captured-by-Traffickers.wmv_snapshot_03.41_[2015.07.23_19.17.01] Agent-Hannah-Captured-by-Traffickers.wmv_snapshot_05.11_[2015.07.23_19.17.51] Agent-Hannah-Captured-by-Traffickers.wmv_snapshot_07.44_[2015.07.23_19.19.18] Agent-Hannah-Captured-by-Traffickers.wmv_snapshot_11.58_[2015.07.23_19.20.24] Agent-Hannah-Captured-by-Traffickers.wmv_snapshot_13.46_[2015.07.23_19.20.43]

Sometimes even the most audacious plans performed by the bravest FBI agents don’t work out. Hannah, after having arrested a stewardess who was part of a network of traffickers transporting drugs from South America to the United States, replaced her in order to catch her contact in the act of receiving the drugs, and then arrest him. The meeting takes place on a quiet country track. The receiver is apparently alone, and seemingly not suspicious about the change of girl he goes ahead with the trade. After drugs and money have been exchanged, Hannah suddenly reveals herself to be and FBI agent. She orders the receiver to get into the car, unaware that the man has not come to the meeting alone. Suddenly, a man jumps from hiding and disarms Hannah. She is handcuffed and her mouth is covered by a tape gag. Made to sit on the passenger seat in her own car, she’s further secured with a seatbelt while her captor drives her to a nearby empty house. Here, Hannah is further restrained with a ziptie around ankles. Another zip connects the ankles to the handcuffs, effectively placing her in a hogtie. Hannah tests her bonds and mmphs under frustration, but there’s no way to get out of her restraints, and she must wait there until the drug dealers decide what to do with her. Later, the receiver’s bodyguard tapes Hannah’s arms behind a pole. He then wraps the tape around her mouth before taping her ankles, thighs, waist and chest to the pole. The hapless agent is left in this uncomfortable position until she’s is exchanged for arrested members of the ring. Aware that FBI doesn’t negotiate with criminals, her only hope is that her colleagues might rescue her.

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RendezVous in Black (Wmv) 21 mins – 530.6 MB – HD (1280×720 pixels)– Starring Hannah Perez

Rendezvous in Black.mp4_snapshot_01.49_[2015.06.24_22.49.39]00087.MTS_snapshot_00.25_[2015.06.24_22.53.43] Rendezvous in Black.mp4_snapshot_06.09_[2015.06.24_22.50.15]

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Sexy and experienced spy Hannah Perez has performed a big hit, stealing secret plans from a military base. She is about to meet her contact in a remote house to deliver the plans to him, but when she enters in the house she discovers that someone has dispatched him. Worried but still staying cool, Hannah gets ready to face an aggressor but the house seems deserted. She returns to her car, unaware that while she was inside the house, someone has sabotaged the engine. While she desperately tries to start the vehicle, a man hiding behind the driver seat reaches over and presses a cloth over her nose and mouth.When she wakes, Hannah realizes that she has zip ties around her wrists and ankles and that she has been tape gagged. A man enters and removes her gag. She asks him who he works for but he just tells her to stay silent. He makes her drink some water then he re-gags her before leaving. However, her assailant did not search her carefully because, hidden inside her boot, Hannah has a penknife. She retrieves it and manages to cut through her zip ties. Finding the front door locked, hannah tries to escape through the garage, but her assailant has been waiting behind the door for her and forces her to stop.In the next scene we find our heroine sitting to a chair in a dark room. Her hands and feet are already tied to the chair and the bad guy is wrapping rope around her torso, pinning her to the chair. Hannah keeps asking him what he wants but the man just tells her to wait for his boss to arrive. She is silence by a knotted cleave gag and left to struggle. Despite her efforts the ropes are tight and she cannot wriggle free. She has no choice but to wait until the man’s boss arrives.When her captor returns he is in the company of an older man, evidently the boss. When Hannah’s gag is removed, the boss reveals that he’s interested in gaining the military plans that she stole. Hannah refuses to give them up. The henchman is about to land a blow to her head when the boss tells him that he doesn’t want violence, and that he has a bloodless method to make her talk. He shows Hannah the picture of a gagged woman, and she immediately recognizes the victim as her sister! Desperate to save her sister’s life, Hannah gives up the whereabouts of the stolen plans. She’s then left tied and gagged while the two men go to check if she is telling the truth. She has only few minutes left before they are back. Can she get free in such a short time?BiB Store: $8.99Buy Now