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The Intruder (WMV) – starring Jessica 24 mins – 689.8 MB – HD (1280×720 pixels)

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Jessica who works for a rental agency is visiting a cottage to prepare it for summer when she plans to rent it for tourists as she does all years. When she arrives she notices that theres someone inside. Determined to discover who occupied abusively the house she enters. In the living room a man creeps up behind her with a soaked cloth in his hand and presses it over her nose and mouth. She sinks to the floor and the guy proceeds to hogtie her with rope. Jessica realizes that the house has been occupied by a burglar who is using it as base for some robberies in the near houses and she has to stay there until he has finished his dirty business. To finish his work he applies blue tape on her mouth silencing her.After some time of vain struggles the burglar comes back. Hes intentioned to meet someone, maybe his fence and doesnt want that she sees him, so he takes her to the basement. Here shes cuffed hands over head to a chain linked to a ceiling ring. Shes gagged again, this time with a white tape. The position is very uncomfortable and after many hours shes tired and also very hungry. Shes relieved when shes taken back in the house. This time the bad guy decides to zip tie her to a chair in the Kitchen. He ties her ankles to chair legs and her hands to the side. Another zip secures her waist to the backseat and again the thirsty damsel is gagged for the third time (a cleave gag). Shes left alone for some more time and when the bad guy finally comes back he has with him salty potato chips, the last thing she would like to eat. He almost forces her to eat some and then re-gags her telling her to behave if she wants to get also some water. Jessica starts wondering what could mean behave in her current predicament, but when he put a hand on her thigh and start to lift up her skirt she understand that the burglar after a hard day of work wants to have some fun with her. Through the gag she tells him to get off her, but shes not in the position to do much more. Will a miracle happen to stop her captor?

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Air Force Officer in Trouble (WMV) – Starring Jessica – 13 mins – 335.1 MB – HD (1280×720 pixels)

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The day for Air Force Officer Jessica couldn’t have started off any worse. An intruder penetrated the military base where she works, overpowered her and immobilized her with zip ties and tape gag. At the start of the clip we see her carried on the office and fixed with zip ties to a chair. Her mmphs through the duct tape gag don’t do her any good. The intruder leaves the hapless officer vainly struggling to escape while he sets about stealing military plans that were in her custody.

As a consequence, Jessica is placed under military arrest for negligence, even though she considers the theft was not her fault. She believes someone inside the base tipped off the spy who stole the plans. After escaping from her quarters where she was being held under house arrest, Jessica goes to the house of a retired general whom she suspects of being involved in the theft. Indeed, she has evidence that suggests he masterminded the entire operation. Her plan now is to make him confess and clear her name, but just as she is about to arrest the general, the spy surprises her from behind and disarms her.

Inside the house, the general and the spy tie Jessica to a chair with black rope. Despite her predicament she still challenges them, but her attitude suddenly changes when she’s cleave gagged (on screen) and a timer device is placed on the armchair in front of her, ready to explode. Her desperate mmphs don’t move the two criminals who have decided to get rid of her for good. They leave her to struggle against her bindings. Minutes passes but she doesn’t make any progress with her bonds and time is running out. Will a miracle happen to save her?

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Jessica and the Italian Professor – (Wmv) – 16 mins – 447.8 MB – HD (1280×720 pixels)

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Jessica’s boyfriend, who is a researcher in a University, has been accused of stealing Egyptian artifacts from the local museum. Jessica is convinced that the actual robber is visiting Professor Raimondo Massari who recently held a seminar in the Department of Egyptology. She decides to visit the house he has rented while he is on campus… or so she thinks. She forces her way into the house and starts looking around. She soon finds the evidence she was looking for. He next move is to call the campus police, but before she gets the chance she is grabbed from behind by the professor himself.

Soon, Jessica is tied on a stool, demanding that the professor confess to his crimes to save her boyfriend. The professor only smiles as he gags her with white tape and leaves her all trussed up. Jessica struggles for a while before she notices a phone on the table near her. She tries to get to it to call 911 but the professor returns before she can reach it. Jessica looks on in despair at the additional rope he has brought with him, and can do nothing as he lowers her to the floor and puts her in a tight hogtie, then leaves her there to struggle. She fears that the professor will dispose of her and struggles desperately to escape, but the ropes are well tied and she can’t loosen them at all. She starts to seriously starts when the professor returns again. He removes her tape gag to allow her to drink, then re-gags her with a black cloth and tells her that they’re going to do a trip. Frightened, Jessica tries to resist, but she can’t oppose him as he marches her to her car. She breaks free briefly and tries to run away while he opens the car trunk, but she’s soon grabbed and put inside the trunk. She hears the engine start and then the car begins to move, taking her who knows where!

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