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The Scarf Seller (WMV) Jet Black – 11 mins 50 secs – 324.6 MB – HD (1280×720 pixels)

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Scarves are not such a popular item to sell nowadays but Gad is the most successful seller of such items. He collects information on potential buyers and sells them to the ones who have the right characteristics, the ones who are into fetish. Jet Black has been scrutinized. Irreprehensible housewife she was known as buying some sexy toys from the shop. Gad knows she’s into it and is not surprised when she let him into her house to show her the scarves.  At the beginning of the clip we see her choosing   them. She doesn’t want to appear particularly interested, but Gad knows that she’s dying to try them as bondage article and   he easy wins her reluctance when he proposes her put one scarf around her eyes and experience the softness of the silk on her skin. Jet  tries it and she confirms that the sensation is wonderful. Then he puts her hands behind and starts tying them with another scarf. Jet tries to resist but just a bit. Her rational side would stop him to tie her but she starts getting excited by the nice sensation of becoming helpless. Scarves are a gentle but firm restraint and she soon realizes that she can’t get out of it unless the seller  unties her. She feebly begs him to stop and free her but Gad adds other scarves around her body. He stuffs a sock into her mouth,  uses two scarves to gag her, first a cleave than an OTM. She never was so helpless and Jet starts to feel really nervous.  She can’t make an intelligible sound and she’s at the mercy of the seller. The fear excites her. Gad also can control himself seeing this sexy housewife now hogtied in the bed. He removes the blindfold and ask her if she feels good. Now he could well untie her and conclude the sale but can’t resist to make also some little tickling. She desperately mmphs to hit. Clearly she is going to be the seller’s toy for a while….

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Enslaved For a Bet (WMV) – Jet Black 16 mins – 452.4 MB – HD (1280×720 pixels)

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Jet’s husband is in trouble. He has fallen in with a gambling consortium and he has lot bet after bet until he owes more money than he can raise. In a desperate measure to save himself, he offers his wife to the head of the consortium for a single night. When he tells Jet the news, she says that she does love him but not not to the point to satisfy the cravings of a criminal to save his ass. Seemingly disappointed, he leaves her alone and she relaxes. In a while though, he returns with a roll of duct tape and a cloth and pushes her down onto the bed. He binds her wrists and ankles with tape and then uses the cloth to cleave gag her. Jet struggles, realizing what he is planning to do, but her objections are muted. Left to struggle while her husband gets ready to transport her to the consortium head, Jet tries to hop around to see if she can find something to cut her restraints, but her husband returns too soon, picks her up and carries her over his shoulder.

In the next scene Jet’s husband receives the visit of one of the consortium’s gangsters. He has the task to take some photos of the “merchandise” before taking her to the consortium boss. He then tells her to strip to bra and panties. Visibly frightened and humiliated, Jet reluctantly removes her clothes. The gangster take some photos and sends them to his boss. However, Jet’s ordeal is not over yet – the boss wants to see her helpless and soon she is cuffed hand and foot. A ball gag is applied to her delicate mouth. Jet couldn’t image a worst embarrassment. She feels she is being treated like a slave sold in a market. Left alone for some minutes she struggles but she knows her situation is hopeless. The gangster returns and uses a third pair of cuffs to put her in a hogtie before taking another set of photos. At last, it seems the consortium boss has accepted her in payment for her husband’s debt. Jet is allowed to dress herself and is then handcuffed again before being marched to the consortium’s lair. Her day of slavery has just started.

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Jetting into Trouble (WMV) – starring Jet Black 14 mins – 404.2 MB – HD (1280×720 pixels)

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English thief Jet Black has flown to Italy on an assignment to recover some top secret plans stolen from a research laboratory and is planning to sell them to the people who commissioned her the steal them. She is unaware that a second thief has followed her into the country and to the apartment where they are being kept, a man who plans to relieve her of the documents once she has found them. Just as Jet discovers the plans, a masked man surprises her from behind and forces her into submission, locking handcuffs around her wrists and then adding a zip tie to bind her ankles together. The second thief gags her with a scarf. Jet insults the masked man but she can’t stop him taking the precious documents. Left alone, Jet struggles with her restraints. She begins searching for something she can use to free herself and finds what looks like a handcuffs key in a drawer. It’s worth a try. It works! Now she just has to recover the plans. Jet has been in the game a while, and despite the mask she is sure she knows who her assailant was. She is soon able to determine where he lives and goes after him; she has to find him before he has a chance to sell the plans.

In the next scene we see the second thief sitting at his computer, having sent a message to his buyer to say he has the plans. When he hears a sound behind him he assumes it is the buyer entering the apartment, but instead it turns out to be Jet Black, and she is armed. Jet threatens to dispatch the man if he doesn’t hand over the plans. She does not hear the man’s buyer creeping up behind her, not until it is too late! He jumps Jet and the man at the computer leaps up to help, disarming the girl and forcing her to sit on the chair. Soon, the two men have Jet tightly trussed up with ropes. She curses them before a sock is stuffed into her mouth and she is gagged with vet wrap which is coiled around her head again and again until the entire roll is used, completely silencing her protests. The two men exchange the documents and the buyer even takes the time to thanks the bound and gagged girl for finding them for him. Jet is finally left alone. Now she is in real trouble now because she is so tightly tied up; unless she can find something to cut her bonds she’s no chance to escape.  (On screen gagging. Some tying (chest harness) is shown on screen).

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