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Escape From Prison College

Feisall, Kelevra, Laura & Minou in “Escape From Prison College”
20 minutes 12 seconds – 1920×1080 pixels – WMV: 730.9 MB ; MP4: 716.7 MB


Laura and Minou are student in a prison college, where girls coming from rich families that did some misdemeanor and were sent in such school instead of prison. here strict discipline is enforced and corporal punishment is not uncommon. The girl are not allowed to see males and are severy punished if caught in the act. Minou who still is in contact with her boyfriend, a criminal, and is planning to escape from the college with his help, has been caught trying to communicate with him. Kelevra who’s is both the president of student council and secretary of the headmistress enjoys humiliating other students during the punishment. She hates Minou in particular. So she tries to make her confess her rule violation. Not happy to have Minou kneeling and tied up she put a muzzles on her. First then removes her socks and tickles her sadistically. Minou’s torment is interrupted by the intervention of her friend Laura. She puts a cloth on Kelevra’s mouth and nose making her lost her senses. Laura unties Minou and tells her that she has corrupted some janitors to help her to escape through the gym room. Minou accepts to escape with Laura but unfortunately for them they find the door closed. Kelevra and Feisall, the headmistress, catch them. Soon the two college girls are bound with rope and cleave gagged. Feisall tells them that she has called the police that will put them in prison where they should stay, but before that moment they want to have some fun. First Kelevra tickles Laura and Minou, then Feisall steps in and whips and slaps their bottoms and things. After some minutes of torture the girls almost breathless are left alone. They try to untie themselves but can’t undo the knots. So they decide to roll on the ground trying to find something that could cut the ropes. After few meters, Feisall and Kelevra are back and look intentioned to torture them again. But when everything seems lost for the two college girls, Minou’s boyfriend finally shows up and the tables are turned on the headmistress and her secretary. Feisall and Kelevra end taped up on the sofa They threaten to punish severely Minou and Laura but they are soon silenced by few strips of tape and later are gagged with Vet Wrap. Their rage and frustration is evident but the tape is tight and no escape is possible. Minou and Laura can finally escape leaving them to struggle. Dialogue In Italian

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VIP Protection Failure

Kelevra, Vicky & Feisall
21 minutes 19 seconds – MP4: 1920×1080 pixels; WMV: 1280×720 pixels

Kelevra works for an agency which have the task of protecting VIPs. In this case she should guard the shoulders of Vicky, a famous actress who’s preparing for her new movie. Kelevra when applied for the job expected that VIP protection would have been a much more exciting task than what it revealed to be. That what she said on phone while she was having a phone conversation outside a resort. Her desire of an adventure was immediately satisfied when Feisall, the female gangster forced her to enter in the resort and then put her to sleep with a cloth soaked with chemicals pressed on her mouth. Later Vicky, was attracted outside the dressing room, captured and put to sleep in the same way. The two women wake up tied up on the sofa. Their hands are cuffed behind and their feet are bound with zipties. Tape gag seal their mouths. They try to scream but to little use. Later, Feisall and an accomplice force Vicky to walk outside and put her in the trunk of their car for a drive to a remote location.

Kelevra, left alone tries to find a way to uncuff herself. She finds first a pair of scissors to cut her zip and then finds in a shelf a passpartout that to uncuff herself. On the ground she also find a card fallen from one of the gangster’s pocket indicated a location where Vicky could have been carried. Feeling guilty for having let her protect to be snatched, and being worried by the perspective of reporting her failure to the agency, Kelevra goes to investigate herself. In the meantime Vicky is carried in a bedroom where she’s hogtied on the bed. The tape gag is replaced first with a cleave and then with an OTM done with scarves. She’s bound so solidly that there’s no way for her to escape. She moans in the vain hope that a rescue appears.

Kelevra in the meantime has found the location. She finds only Feisall inside it. The bodyguard is now armed and is easy for her to capture the gangster, forcing her to lead it to the room in which Vicky is held prisoner. But the victory is only temporary… in another twist of the plot Kelevra is overcome and joins Vicky in her predicament. In the final scene we find Vicky and Kelevra now stripped to bra and panties, hogtied with rope and gagged with Ball Gag. Their captors mock them for a while and then leave them to struggle. They try to escape from predicament but apparently their captors did a very good job with ropes. Debut clip for Vicky.

Dialogue in Italian

Price 9.99$

Hard Day for Agent Kelevra

Kelevra & Jessica
20 minutes 14 seconds – 1280×720 pixels – 561.6 MB

The first mission for the rookie agent Kelevra looked quite simple. She had to escort Jessica – a former criminal gang member who decided to collaborate with police – to a secure location where her former accomplices couldn’t find her. Kelevra has to take Jessica to her house to collect some of her personal effects before moving to the next location.
When the clip starts Jessica and Kelevra has just entered in the house. Jessica, who has her hands bound with zip ties, asks Kelevra if she can go to the bathroom. Kelevra allows her to do so but does not unzip her hands lest she plays some trick. Once in the bathroom Jessica tries to get something to cut zip ties and she finds a pair of scissors. Cutting the zip ties is an easy task for our veteran criminal. Once free, Jessica grabs a towel planning to use it against the agent. Kelevra in the meantime starts wondering what Jessica is doing in the bathroom and opens the door. Jessica takes her chance and throws the towel over Kelevra’s head, then pulls it tight around her neck until she faints. Not finding rope or any other means to tie up the agent, Jessica cuts some strips from a bed sheet and uses them to tie up Kelevra’s wrists and ankles. Another strip of bed sheet is used to cleave gag the agent. Once Jessica has finished tying Kelevra she follows her plan. Before being captured she had hidden part of the booty of the gang in the garden. Now she goes to recover it put it the car and escape beyond the border. So she grabs the keys from the agent’s pocket and goes out to recover the booty.
After some minutes Kelevra wakes up and realizes that she’s immobilized and silenced. The way Jessica played with her made our rookie agent sigh in frustration. After some minutes of moans and screams Kelevra finds some spirit and tries to find some tools to untie herself.  She opens a drawer and starts searching in it when a masked man chloroforms her. For the second time in few minutes our unlucky rookie is plunged into insensibility. A few minutes later, Jessica finds she can’t start the car’s engine with the keys that she’s found in Kelevra’s jacket. She has to waste time searching for the right key, but before she finds the right one, the masked man applies a cloth to her nose and mouth too and she sinks into darkness with Kelevra.
Later the two women wake for find themselves totally immobilized. The man has not spared rope to bind them (wrists, legs, ankles and chest harness). The guy is one of Jessica’s former accomplices and wants to recover the booty that she has hidden. Upon being threatened, Jessica confesses where the valuables can be found. She and Kelevra are then tape gagged and left alone for some minutes. They struggle but can’t get out of their bonds. The masked criminal comes back, happy that he has found what he was looking for. As a last reward he sets a gas trap for the two women opening the gas hob, and then he leaves. Jessica and Kelevra struggle frantically, each trying to help the other untie the knots holding them. Will they free each other before the room fills with gas? (This clip is a custom request and was acted in the English language. It’s also the debuting clip of Kelevra).

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