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Revenge Of The Expelled Student MP4


Famous professor and researcher Layla is entering in her studio when she’s grabbed and handgagged from behind. She recognizes the voice. It’s Maddy, one of her former pupils, a brilliant mind who was expelled from her course when she was surprised to copy the work of her teammate. Now she wants revenge on the professor, who didn’t want to hear her justifications. She came to Layla’s studio to steal the professor reserved researches and sell them to the best bidder. That would ruin the  fruits of the research Layla has been working for years. Maddy is able to tie up  Layla but can’t force her to reveal where she has hidden her personal PC with the documents. So she goes to search it herself after having gagged the mouthy woman and left her tied on a sofa. Layla, is a very energetic and feisty woman. She works on her bonds trying to escape. Before she can succeed her current pupil, Gabrielle, arrives in the studio and finds her. Amazed to see her professor all trussed up Gabrielle ungags her asking what happened, but before Layla can warn her of the peril she’s grabbed from behind by Maddy, happy that she can truss up Layla’s favorite student. Soon the two women are tied up with lots of rope around their bodies and tape gagged.

Left again alone while Maddy is busy with her search, Layla and Gabrielle try to get loose. At first they don’t succeed but, when they decide to cooperate, Gabrielle manages to untie one of the know binding Layla’s hands. The professor gets loose soon and can untie Gabrielle. Gabrielle suggests to escape but Layla tells her that they need to stop Maddy themselves before she escapes with the pc or damages it.

When Maddy comes back having finally found the pc, she’s ambushed by the two angry women. She fights back but can’t prevail in a two vs one  fight and soon she’s tied nice and tight with ropes. Gabrielle seeing the girl at her feet takes a sadistic pleasure in telling her that she’ll be in prison for many years. Maddy is still mouthy and insults the two women despite the tape gag. But that last rebellion just gets her lot of tape wrapped around her head as punishment. The rebellious girl lays now
hogtied on the floor full of  anger and frustration, : Layla and Gabrielle tied her very tight and she has to accept defeat and wait for the police to arrive.

Includes 2 minutes of behind the scenes and outtakes.Dialogue in Italian.

Gabrielle Layla & Maddy

24 minutes 10 seconds – 1920×1080 pixels – MP4

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Suspicious Agent Gets Overpowered WMV

Gabrielle & Maddy
20 minutes 48 seconds – 1280×720 pixels – WMV: 597.8 MB

Gabrielle has been instructed to check about some suspect movements in a flat, one of the properties of the Mayor of the Town. She rings at the doors and after some seconds a girl open it but not enough to for the cop to enter check what’s going on. The girl claims to be a colf. She’s dressed with a jacket is wearing gloves. She claims that she had just waxed the floor and that she can’t let anyone enter for some minutes. Gabrielle asks her why she’s waxing the floor dressed in this way and forces an entry. Everytingh looks in order but the agent doesn’t fail to notice that the floor wasn’t waxed. The colf is ready to say that she has only waxed the bedroom, but when the agent goes to check she’s immediately surprised from behind. The girl reveals to be really strong. She presses a cloth soaked with  ether against Gabrielle’s mouth. The girl fights but can’t escape from the grip of the false colf and after some seconds of struggle she faints.

When she wakes up she finds herself lying on the bed zip tied hands and feet. She immediately recognizes the girl, now in her standard catsuit uniform. She’s Medusa The Thief, one of the most elusive criminals who perpetrates robberies on commission. Despite her threats and protests the agent is silenced with tape gag and left on the bed while the burglars goes to do her job in the dining room. Gabrielle doesn’t lack of fighting spirit. Not being able to free herself from the zip, she falls from the bed and hops to the bathroom, hoping to find something with whom she can cut herself free. She hopes that the thief is busy enough in the other room that she fails to notice her escape attempt, but she’s not so lucky. She reaches the bathroom but can’t find anything of useful. After some minutes Medusa returns and put her again to sleep closing Gabrielle’s mouth and nose with a cloth.

In the next scene the unlucky agent is tied on chair. Medusa runs more rope above and below Gabrielle’s ample breasts and can’t deny a certain attraction for the young stubborn cop that still challenges her. Medusa stuffs a cloth in her mouth and wraps another one around her head. Then she proposes her to help her in her researches. She doesn’t plan to rob anything from the house but to recover an important piece of paper that the mayor owns and that is of vital importance. Gabrielle obviously doesn’t show any intention to help the thief, so she’s left to struggle. The pain for the young cop  increases with time. Zip around wrists and ankles are very tight and the rope pins her to the chair. This time there’s no way to get out of bonds. After some minutes the Medusa comes back triumphant with the paper in her hands. She kisses Gabrielle  secretly hoping to cross again her path with that stubborn agent and then leaves her to struggle.

(Dialogue in Italian).

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Wmw teaser mod

The Deceitful Friend (WMV) Alison & Maddy 15 minutes 22 seconds – 430.9 MB – HD (1280×720 pixels)

deceitful_friend_01 deceitful_friend_03 deceitful_friend_04 deceitful_friend_06 deceitful_friend_07 deceitful_friend_08

Maddy has rented a flat to her friend Alison, but since then a a long strip of mysterious crimes and robberies has plagued the town. Maddy suspects that Alison is somewhat involved in these crimes and taking chance by supposed Alison absence, she enters in the flat to investigate better. She has just find some evidences that shows that Alison is tied to the robberies when her friend dressed as a catburglar enters in her room an press a cloth soaked with chemicals on her mouth, until she loses her senses.In the following scene we see Alison taping Maddy on the sofa. Maddy blames her friend for having beendeceitful with her and having made her an unwilling accomplice of her crimes, and Alison retaliates that everything would have been fine if she had just minded her own business. Alison then puts a cloth in Maddys mouth and loops vet wrap around her mouth until shes effectively silenced. She then leaves Maddy to struggle while she goes to pick all the valuables that she has collected in months of robberies. Maddy is a feisty captive and tries to reach a phone cell left unattended on the shelf, but when shes about to succeed and call the police shes caught by Alison who pulls off the phone from her hands. Enraged and frustrated Maddy is again left alone to struggle. Doubling her efforts she finally frees her hands and legs. Alison this time doesnt notice anything. She made also the mistake of leaving her arsenal unattended letting Maddy to arm herself and jump on her. After having overpowered her ex-friend Maddy ties her up hand and feet with rope and seals her mouth with a clotted cleave gag. Alison is left to struggle on the bed while Maddy triumphant goes to call the police. The catburglar tries to free herself but the ropes seem to hold and she has not enough time to free herself before the Polices comes. When Alison hears the police siren coming closer she realizes that her criminal career will take a long break. (Dialogue in Italian).

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Wmw teaser mod

Maddy’s Debut (WMV) Alison & Maddy 22 minutes 09 seconds – 607.7 MB – HD (1280×720 pixels)

video1 (3) video1 (4) video1 (11) video1 (21) video1 (25) video1 (34) video1 (36) video1 (41) video1 (43)

Story opens with Alison, a young but expert bondage model, who comes to our studio and presents Maddy to my partner. Maddy is a college girl who, having learned that Alison is doing bondage clips, expressed the desire to try it and even skipped an important lesson to follow her friend. To make herself look more in part she comes still dressed in college uniform. My partner is eager to test the new girl although he well knows that many newcomers give up when they experience the tightness of the bondage. He starts wrapping Maddy with tape with the help of Alison. Using grey and black tape, they wrap Maddy’s body. The girl seems to enjoy it  at first, but soon she starts some feeble complain about the tightness of the tape. Yet it looks as she can make it after all. A cleave gag is applied on her mouth. She looks really cute as a college girl and my partner takes some photos of her. Yet he sees that she’s quite strong and needs more restraints. Alison instead complains that Maddy can still talk too much through the gag and asks for making it tighter.  So Maddy is forced to accept a ball gag that she doesn’t seem to enjoy at all. She’s made to lay on bed and immediately starts drooling on it showing an excitement that she doesn’t openly admit.  Alison seeing her friend totally helpless can’t resist tickling her a bit adding the torment to her  already suffering friend. Then her and the producer leave Maddy alone for some minutes. When they come back they see her struggling and complaining and doesn’t seem to enjoy anymore her predicament. Yet she’s finally able to break through the tape, she removes the ball gag and challenges the producer. She can do better in tying then them and ask him to test her skills. Not believing her too much but being  impressed by Maddy’s fighting spirit, my partner allows her to tie up Alison with rope. Alison accepts the challenge, sits on a chair and lets her friend tying her. She doesn’t take Maddy seriously and is even less impressed when she sees the girl tying her hands in front. But Maddy shows quite soon that she’s way more expert and into the bondage than what she pretended to be. She’s using a Shibari technique and the passes Alison’s Hands behind her head and connects the rope to the chair frame.  Alison starts to feel quite uncomfortable while the producer can’t hid his amazement. The naïve college girl is really good at tying. Minutes after minutes more rope is wrapped around the now helpless Alison in  a chest harness. Maddy’s friend  loses her confidence and can’t hide a certain frustration for having been fooled by her friend. A ball gag finally silences her. Maddy reveals that she‘s actually practicing shibari, since one year and she’s known as “Medusa” in that circle. In the end the producer, very satisfied with Maddy’s work, invites her to take a coffe and discuss of a contract while Alison is left alone to struggle against the rope. For sure she didn’t foresee this outcome. (Much of what is told in this story is true. This is the debut in the Damsel in Distress world for Maddy (alias Medusa) a 20 years old girl who’s interested in the artistic side of bondage – she’s taking Shibari courses). Not all the Shibari models perform as damsel in distress, but when they try that the result is often very good. Dialogue is in Italian. All tying is shown on screen).


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Wmw teaser mod