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Running Into Trouble WMV – 15 minutes 02 seconds – 421.7 MB – HD (1280×720 pixels)

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Rusty and Jerry have parked the car in a remote country place to hide money from a robbery. As they are returning to their car, they see a girl (Natasha who was out for a jog) taking pictures of their license number. Realzing she may report seeing the vehicle parks in this remote area, the two men decide to grab her and take her with them. They grab her and she starts to scream, they hand gag her, then tape her mouth and wrists. They force Natasha onto the back seat of the car when Rusty continues to tape the girl up, first her ankles, then her waist and chest, all the time telling her to shut up and stop making so much noise. Jerry starts driving, heading to a disused building where they can leave the girl tied up, stopping her going to the authorities. As the journey continues, Natasha realizes that all her struggling is not going to help her and she starts to calm down, waiting to see what these two men are going to do with her. When they reach the disused building, Rusty carries the girl inside and the two men immediately re-gag Natasha and start tying her up again, this time with ropes. Rope is attached to an overhead pipe, and Natasha’s arms are pulled above her head. She can’t complain because a cloth has been pushed into her mouth and microfoam tape has been wrapped around her head. Jerry ties her ankles and thighs before the two men leave her standing there, helpless, wondering how long she will be trapped in this terrible place. (Dialogue in English).

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