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Don’t Cross Layla’s Path

Queeny & Layla
18 minutes 20 seconds – 1920×1080 pixels – WMV: 664.6 MB;¬† MP4: 653.9 MB


Detective Queeny after a phone talk has just accepted the the mission to investigate on criminal Layla’s last deed. She’s has a meeting next morning in the agency. She’s sure that she’ll arrest Layla but to be in full shape for the next day she goes to sleep. But her dreams of glory are soon interrupted by a cold hand pressing on her mouth. It’s Layla. Soon we find our detective in her nightgown trussed up on bed. Layla mocks her and tells her that it’s better for her if she does not get involved in Layla’s business and doesn’t go to the meeting tomorrow. Queeny enraged by her humiliation threaten the thief but is soon silenced with tape. Layla leaves her and Queeny reflects on what to do. Ropes wrap her tightly but she could still try to reach her phone on the consolle. Layla has not noticed it and Queeny could grab it. After rolling around the room and thanks to her long legs the detective is able to grab the phone and can call for help. Unfortunately Layla arrives in time to stop her call and with a cloth soaked with chemicals pressed on her mouth and nose, send her to dreamland.

The awakening is rough. This time Queeny dressed only with bra and panties is tightly tied to a chair. To make things worse Layla now tells her that she’s going to take some photos of her in her embarassing predicament. She’ll send her to people who hired her and to press ruining her detective’s reputation. She adds sarcastically that she should be thankful to her that she may find a new job as bondage model. Queeny screams desperately against Layla but is gagged again, this time she has mouth stuffed with a cloth and has vet wrap wrapped around head. Left alone again Queeny tries to free herself but can’t make any progress. After some minutes Layla comes back and once again presses a cloth on her mouth sending her to sleep. Hase Queeny brilliant career of detective¬† ended here in shame or will she be able to pay back the dangerous Lady Layla?

(Dialogue in Italian)

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