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Friends Don’t Steal Shoes (WMV) Minou & Selina
31 minutes 46 seconds – 1280×720-pixel – 904.7 MB

friends01friends01b friends02 friends03 friends04 friends05 friends06 friends07 friends08 friends09 friends10

The clip starts with Minou asking her best friend Selina to help her to get revenge on her boyfriend Jerry. She tells Selina that few nights agos she planned to go to a masked party dressed as catwoman, but Jerry challenged her to see if she can escape and when she didn’t he mocked her and left her all tied up on a sofa (a brief flashback of that scene is shown). Minou missed the party and decided to pay him back trussing him up at the first chance. But not feeling still sure of her roping skills she asked Selina to volunteer as rope bunny. Selina accepts enthusiastically. She also held some grudge on Jerry because in another occasion he tied her up mercilessly. Also she enjoys rope games with Minou. So she let her friend methodically tie her up. Minou truss up her trusting friend putting her in a final hogtie. WHen she see her best friend all trussed up in a very sexy pose she notices how cool her shoes are. She has planned to go out for a drink with Selina and her friends that evening, but she sees that Selina’s shoes are way cooler than hers and she’s sure that she may look sexier if she wears them. She perfectly knows that Selina would be very angry to be tricked by her. Yet the persepective of a punishment doesn’t scare Minou but in a certain way excites her a lot. Selina knowing well this naughty side of her friend so pretends to be condescending when Minou asks her to borrow her shoes. Yet Minou knows that once untied Selina will want her shoes back so she removes her shoes and leaves her friend tied up. Selina starts yelling at her but she’s immediately silenced by a tape gag. Minou delighted by the success of her trick,wears the coveted shoes and goes out leaving her angry friend to moan and scream through the gag. Selina struggles for some time until finally she slips out of her bonds. She decides to wait that Minou comes back home to pay her back in a way that she’ll never forget. In the second part we have Minou’s punishment and it starts with the tie up of the mischievous girl. Minou accepts to be punished by her friend but she expects to be freed after some time and she’s scared when Selina tells her she she’ll leave her tied up for two days making her miss her Job. Minou protests that she may be fired if she doesn’t go to work but Selina is really intentioned to give her a lesson so she gags her to stop her grumbles.Left alone Minou moans through the gag; there’s no question to free herself. Her friend is quite good with knots so she has to wait that she shows her some mercy as she did in the past. But the minutes seems to pass and her friends doesn’t show up to untie her. Minou starts feeling in real trouble. This is a custom video, the customer asked a comedy tone, very light, dialogues are spontaneous. (A lot of time is dedicated to on screen tying, about 10 minutes the first tie up and 8 minutes the second).

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Punished Shopgirls (WMV HD) Selina & Layla
11 minutes 41 seconds – 315.4 MB – HD (1280×720 pixels)

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Jerry  comes to a shop  to get a sexy bra for his wife. He picks a high tier boutique which is usually avoided by guys like him. Layla and Selina, the snobby shopgirls, receive him with a  certain surprise and do not trouble concealing their amusement and disgust for such shabbily-dressed man. They laugh several times in his face and behave despicably during the sale. Jerry doesn’t complain about their behavior and even buys an exceptionally expensive bra without raising any objections, leaving the shop apparently satisfied. But he is not satisfied. He didn’t like being a laughing stock to these snooty girls, so he goes home to collect some equipment to pay back them back.
Later Layla asks Selina to close the shop while she goes downstairs to tidy up the warehouse. Left alone, Selina is suddenly handgagged by Jerry. After a few seconds we see her trussed up and hogtied on the counter. She has only time to say “nooo!” before a ball gag is stuffed into her mouth.  Selina  tries to warn Layla and free herself from her bonds but she can’t untie herself.  Layla comes back and finally realizes that her colleague is in peril , but she does not get a chance to help her before Jerry, already behind her, starts fighting with her until he in able to push a big ball gag into her mouth. Resistance is futile, so Layla joins Selina on table, both hogtied and tightly gagged. Jerry, satisfied at the sight of  the two shopgirls struggling and moaning helplessly on the counter, leaves them alone. Layla and Selina are effectively immobilized and they know that if they don’t get out of bonds themselves nobody is going to help them. Yet after minutes of struggling they have made very little progress. The prospect of spending the night trussed up like this in the shop fills now them with horror.

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Never Trust a Cat (WMV) Layla & Selina 16 mins 24 secs – 446.5 MB – HD (1280×720 pixels)

Cat1 Cat2 Cat3 cat4 cat5 cat6

Layla’s gang is the most powerful and feared of the city. Nobody would dare to enter in their Lair except Catwoman. She’s got information that the data of the most important banks security systems are contained in a small and apparently insignificant pen drive that Layla keeps in a library looking room in her big villa. We see catwoman penetrating in the hidden den of the gang equipped with bed, kitchen and other comforts to be used to hide a criminal against polices researches for many weeks.  She has just started to search for the pen drive when the light is switched  off. Someone knew that she would have paid visit to the gang’s lair and was waiting for her.

Catwoman falls into the ambush and when the light returns we see her  lying on floor with Layla pressing a knee on her back pinning her on the ground. Layla is armed and helped by her henchman Gerry so there’s no chance for Catwoman to fight her back.  Layla looks particularly pleased that the famous thief has been captured and  makes sure that she’s tied up nice and tight.  At the end of the binding Catwoman is hogtied on table and secured with a ball gag. Layla proudly shows her the pen-drive telling her that she’ll never get it. Then she leaves asking Gerry to look that she doesn’t escape.

Catwoman tries to struggle, but some minutes of inane struggling shows her that Layla knows how to rig and that she’ll never be able to get out of this. Yet she had a backup plan in case things went wrong. She had previously send anonymous mails to Gerry providing him evidences about Layla’s plans to get rid of him. Now that Layla was temporarily gone she  gets Gerry’s attention and communicates him with mmphing to remove the gag. She soon identifies herself with the anonymous hacker who told Gerry of Layla’s plans and easily convinces him to free her and join forces to neutralize the boss.

When Layla comes back she’s immediately captured by Catwoman and Gerry. She’s soon  forced to hand over  the pendrive and is then secured to a chair with lots of rope.  Fuming for Gerry’s betrayal and Catwoman’s teasing she threaten them, but is soon silenced with a big ball gag and left alone to struggle.  Her efforts to escape from ropes are all in vain and after few minutes she lays exhausted, hoping that her henchmen finds her.

In the meantime Catwoman compliments Gerry and thanks him for his help in turning the table on Layla. Yet she tells him that she’s very sorry for what she’ll be  forced to do to him. Not giving him time to understand her intentions she kicks him in the balls and then on his neck knocking him out for good. She leaves him telling him that he should never trust a cat. Will he learn the lesson?

This clip is a custom video. Dialogue in Italian.

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