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The Human Traffickers

Sonya & Layla
16 minutes 15 seconds – MP4: 1920×1080 pixels; 4.7 Mbps bitrate – MP4: 578.1 MB

Sonya who works for  an International Cooperation Company has discovered that is a cover up of human trafficking, especially beautiful slaves from east countries. We see her trying to call for help when a hand presses on her mouth. The boss sent a henceman to neutralize her. We see her going in a hidden room of the building where she meets Layla the boss of the company. The icy woman tells her henceman to tie up the snoopy girl and put her under surveillance. Sonya is tied with rope and left on the Sofa. She struggles furiously but can’t escape. Later Layla reveal her plan for her. She’s deleted all the vidence of her presence in the company and plans to sell herself to the market. First she takes her photo of herself, then she orders her to strip to bra and panties. Sonya reluctantly complies under the threat of Layla’s minion who is armed. Then Layla personally starts tying her very tightly sealing her arms together at the elbows.

Later we see Sonya hogtied on table and ball gagged. Ropes bind her at shoulder, arms, legs and ankles and her big toes are uncomfortably tied together. She mmphs for the pain and the outrage while Layla’s minion take some photos of her. The ordeal of the girl finally ends when Layla put a cloth soaked with chemicals over her mouth and put her to sleep.  The bid has been made for her and the delivery will follow soon.

Dialogue in English

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