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Intern in Jeopardy

Vanessa & Layla
16 minutes 41 seconds – 1920×1080 pixels – MP4: 1,059.1 MB – Dialogue in English

A masked guy searches for valuable in the studio of the lawyer Layla. He  doing his searches in the rumpus room when he’s interrupted by sounds coming from upstairs. Someone is descending. He hides himself in the bathroom, hoping that the person leaves the room soon. That’s not going to happen.

Intern Vanessa, a Swedish girl who started doing apprenticeship in Layla studio a few days earlier enters the room with her laptop to continue her work for the lawyer in a warmer place than her office upstairs.  She’s suffering from a cold a brings a sweater and scarf to protect her neck. Not having any other choice, the burglar has to subdue her so that he can make his escape. He creeps up behind the working girl with a cloth in his hand, a cloth soaked in chemicals that will place Vanessa in a deep sleep. He surprises the unwary girl from behind, pressing the cloth firmly over her nose and mouth. Vanessa fights against the chemical for some seconds, struggling to break free, but her struggles subside as she inhales, and then her world goes dark. The burglar places her on the sofa and finds some clothesline and pantyhose to tie up the sleeping girl.  He gags her with the knotted pantyhose.

Later, Vanessa recovers her senses and starts moaning, terrorized when she realizes she has been bound and gagged. The burglar returns as she starts to make a noise, adding an OTM gag using the girl’s own scarf, then finally leaves her to struggle. The Swedish girl doesn’t know what to do in this situation. Then she notices a phone in a sideboard cupboard and tries to reach it. She rolls herself off the sofa and scoots along the floor, getting the cupboard door open and retrieving the phone. The only number that she knows is her boss’s so she keys it in and then waits, hoping Layla will come to rescue her.

Finally, Layla shows up and finds the tied up girl. Unfortunately for both of them, the burglar was waiting not far away. When he sees Layla enter the house, he returns and captures the older woman as well, so all that Vanessa got is that her boss joins her in bondage.  Layla is much more mouthy than Vanessa and insults the intruder. This earns her a rough gagging with vet wrap. The same gag is then used on Vanessa too, now secured in a hogtie on the floor in front of the sofa. Vanessa has been retied with a different rope to make her even more uncomfortable than before, while Layla is tied up with clothesline. The two women are left to struggle, trying to help each other escape. Will they succeed?

Price 8.99$