About US

Captured Beauties is a Bondage company  – currently lead by Raimondo (myself) with the help of P. my female partner (you may find her in later italian clips) who offers you storyline clips of nicely dressed women who gets in troubles, and are kidnapped, captured overpowered and ultimately tied and gagged by villains (or villainesses). Focus as the title may tell, is on the moment of the capture and the reaction of our heroine to be taken prisoner.


I have a crush for damsel in leading roles, like detectives, agents, adventurers, gang girls, but also business women, secretaries, party girls, singers. I have a passion for leather stuff (especially jackets) and for suits, but you may find also some girl next door featured and casual clothing.

The company is located in Italy so you may find some clips with cute local italian models, -i’ll warn you when the movie is filmed  in Italian language- but, thanks to  partnerships made with other producers like Dave of Beauties in Bondage  with whom i’m immensely in debt for having helped me to start the business, you may find featured some of the sexyest and accomplished models who travels around the world, like Hannah Perez, featured in my banner that i thanks with heart for her wonderful performance that made me launch this website with a true hit.

I want to end thanking my friends who helped me building this site

Dave North


All the “american” clips are filmed in his studio. He kidnly appear in some cameo roles. After all he’s a very experienced villain.

Tony Houston


He’s gently plays the main villain in the Italian clips

If you like to contact me for problem with clips, downloading issues  or simply suggestions and feedback here’s the link